Hello. I'm an independent Visual Designer based in the UK. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, I have gained experience and skills in both print and web design.

Being a multi-disciplinary designer I am able to deliver effective and creative solutions and consultations for businesses and organisations across different sectors. I specialise in book and publications, environment graphics, corporate documents.

Prior to freelancing, I worked as Design Manager at Macmillan Publishers in Educational publishing. I later moved into IT Support, where I was involved in support, troubleshooting and training.

Having a design background I helped in the initial stages of setting up the intranet, converting and developing websites for key courses, thus starting my career in Web Design. As a Project Manager and Consultant I have worked on a range of projects from launching websites to exciting challenges, such as producing non-digital interactive displays.

A quick learner, eager for continuous improvement and unapologetically curious. When not working you will find me exploring other creative projects, including, photography, sketching/drawing. Away from the creative pursuits, you are likely to find me outdoors, I dabble in conservation and environmental issues, a keen traveller and a Horticulturist.

You can contact me here or follow me on Twitter @yakasdesign / @melinayakas or on Instagram.

What I do

Providing effective and creative solutions for businesses or individuals who are looking for design inspiration or do not have the know-how or the time to meet such needs.


Brochures, business cards,
postcards, corporate material,
annual reports, newsletters,
maps, graphics, illustrations.

Web / Digital

Website design, UI, wireframes, e-newsletters, e-Book formatting: .epub and PDFs.


Design Consultant, project management, site reviews and updates.